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Tell her to go home

Tell her noone wants her

Abigail Winchester
24 February 1989
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Oh Hello! You've stumbled upon my livejournal! Sorry to disappoint, but it is barely used anymore, just to update some dreaddie stuff. You can catch me at facebook.com/chowboyjones

Yeast Infection
by: April Jones & Brittney Lenhart

Easy mac, it makes you yak
It looks infectious in the sack
Sometimes chunky, yellow and green
As it floats amongst the pee
Its not healthy when its chunky
God thinks it looks mighty funky
Is it oozing, is it itching?
Get a pap smear or stop your bitching
The taste of it is rather foul
Just dont let it seep into your bowels
Though this puss looks like kyle dunlap
Its actually found within your vaginal flaps

November 5, 2004

$wans, foosnifht, goddammit! the internet, guapa, murder burgers, not you, olie enlid, smuckletink, space hogies, the scent of dave, thomas matthew delonge, yoohoo sandpaper